Skin Needling

Skin Needling Information Sheet (Collagen Induction Therapy) 

Skin needling is a fairly new procedure that can achieve amazing results on:

Acne scarring Lax skin

Wrinkles Pigmentation

Cellulite Apperance of stretch marks




The procedure process includes topical anaesthetic applied to the area being treated and left on 30 minutes. With the anaesthetic the only sensation is of a rolling sensation some sensitivity may be felt. The roller with many little needles is moved over the skin in small areas and in different directions. This causes tiny punctures into the skin. After the treatment you can expect to appear as if you have been exposed to sun for quite a long period. This will subside within a few hours. The next day you will easily be able to return to work or normal activities. You may notice a slight sunburn appearance for up to 10 days from the procedure. After this time it is common to receive admiring comments.


It is essential that you continue with a home care routine that contains essential vitamin A,C,E and other nutrients, a retinoid reaction may occur due to the vitamin A. Use the products provided for 3-5days (Cleanser, Body Oil + C Boost) until you feel your skin is feeling comfortable. To achieve maximum results use a home cosmetic Roll-CIT which is a smaller needle length that you can use yourself at home as often as you require.

Micro-needling can be performed between one week to a maximum of 6 weeks.


  1. Active acne

  2. Eczema

  3. Psorasis

  4. Severe solar keratosis

  5. Skin Caner

  6. Raised moles or warts

Environ Medical Roll-CIT and Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Dr Des Fernandes MD has spent many years researching this technique and has come up with the perfect combination of the needles in their size, length, spacing and angles. Together this achieves the best results.